Android Prerequisites

  • Must set minSdkVersion in build.gradle to 23 or above.
  • Add the Brady SDK dependency to your app-level build.gradle in Android Studio.
implementation 'com.bradyid:BradySdk:1.7.1'
Within the "Snippets" box on the "Overview" page, 
you may select the dropdown menu to see other supported dependencies.
  • It is also suggested to use the most updated version of the SDK. Ensure that your version is the most recent version using the same link above.

Android 6 device:

  • Add dependencies to the compileOptions block in build.gradle:
coreLibraryDesugaring ''
'coreLibraryDesugaringEnabled = true' 

Versions >=1.7.0

Custom Brady fonts are no longer embedded in the Android SDK. Therefore, they must be downloaded here.

The custom Brady fonts only need to be downloaded and embedded into your application if the BWT files being used by your application were designed with any of these fonts. To embed them in your Android application:

  • Create a Resource Folder called "fonts" in your application's "res" directory.
  • Drag and drop the desired fonts into the new Resource Folder.
  • After initializing a Template object in your code, add the following:
int[] fontList = new int[]{R.font.brady_fixed_width, R.font.brady_fixed_width_bold, R.font.brady_alpine, R.font.brady_alpine_bold};
template.storeFonts(this, fontList);