Bindings Overview

For users who want to use the Brady SDK across multiple operating systems and platforms, Brady has created a solution to call both SDKs simultaneously. Brady currently provides a Flutter plugin, a Xamarin NuGet package, and a React Native package. Due to the different programming languages between Flutter, Xamarin, and React Native, there are slight variations in the three APIs.

IMPORTANT: Since these are bindings, the API is very simple. Therefore, communicating with the native SDKs is somewhat limited. The bridge created from these bindings to the native SDKs will result in slightly slower speeds at runtime.

Flutter Plugin Installation:

Flutter Plugin available for use at

Xamarin Bindings Download:

Xamarin Bindings are published as a NuGet package on

.NET MAUI Bindings Download:

.NET MAUI Bindings are published as a NuGet package on

React Native Demo App Download:

React Native Bindings for the SDK have not yet been configured and published on However, the download link below provides a React Native app that has been developed to use the SDK. Please use this to help guide you through the development of your own React Native Binding.

React Native Test App