The Brady Web SDK

The Brady Web SDK was created to allow users to connect and print images to Brady printers from their own custom web page. This SDK is published on in the form of an NPM Package. The package is entirely developed using the newly adopted ES6 syntax in JavaScript. All back-end work is done as client-side scripting.

Try it out:

Brady hosts and provides a public test app for the Brady Web SDK at

Features Supported:

This Web SDK utilizes the Web Bluetooth API for Bluetooth connections to Brady printers. This API is completely documented here. There are several browsers that are not supported by the Web Bluetooth API.

The following chart illustrates which browsers and API methods are supported:

The following chart illustrates which features are supported on each printer:

Printer Model Wi-Fi Bluetooth (Low Energy) Feed Cut
M611 Only w/ the M611 Driver installed X
M211 X X X
M511 X X X
M610 X
M710 Only w/ the M710 Driver installed X