• The Brady SDK Template object allows the user to:
    • Retrieve a list of a .BWT file's data.
    • Retrieve a Bitmap of the template used to preview the template in a UI.
    • Retrieve the name of the .BWT file's label part.

getTemplateData() throws -> [TemplateObjectData]

getTemplateData returns a list of TemplateObjectData that the user may iterate through. This will hold information about the physical elements and objects on a Brady Workstation Template. (Reference TemplateObjectData)

getPreview(labelNumber: Int, dpi: Double, maxPixelWidthAndHeight: Double) throws -> CGImage

getPreview returns a CGImage object (similar to Bitmap) of the chosen template. To set the CGImage to our UI, we could then call something like:

Image(uiImage: UIImage(cgImage: template?.getPreview(labelNumber: 1, dpi: 96, maxPixelWidthAndHeight: 200)!)).resizable()
  • labelNumber: an Integer that represents which label in the print job to get a preview of. (Currently we only support 1 print job at a time so this will always be 0).

  • dpi: a Double that represents the preview's "Dots Per Inch". This is usually 96 for most phones.

  • maxPixelWidthAndHeight: a Double that represents the dimension with the highest value. (See example above).

getPartInfo() -> String

getPartInfo returns a String representing the name of the template's label part. In Brady Workstation, when we design a template, we always have to set a specific part. This could be useful information when validating a templates part or when comparing a connected printer's part.