TemplateObjectType is an enumeration that holds the types of objects on a Brady Workstation Template.

  • StaticText: Text that cannot have it's value set by a user.
  • Text: Text that is a placeholder that the user can set a value to.
  • Rectangle: A static rectangle that was drawn on the template.
  • Barcode: One of many types of barcode objects that can be placed on a template.
    • Barcodes have a human readable object attached to them that may be visible or invisible. This object is simply the barcodes value in text form. It's position can be set to "None", "Top", "Bottom", and "Free"
  • Image: An image view that was placed on the template.
  • PolyPolyLine: A type of static shape or line that was drawn on the template.
  • Other: An type of object type that the SDK does not support yet.