The Brady SDK PrintingOptions class is required to be initalized as an object when calling the ".print" method in PrinterDetails. This holds the information that the printer needs to complete a print job.


getCutOption returns a CutOption enumeration value. The default is "EndOfLabel".

setCutOption(CutOption cutOption)

setCutOption allows the user to change the value of the cut option.


getNumberOfCopies returns the number of copies the user wants to print. The default is 1.

setNumberOfCopies(int numberOfCopies)

setNumberOfCopies allows the user to set the number of copies they want to print.


getIsCollated return a boolean representing if the desired print job should be collated.

Collated Example: If a single template has 2 different labels designed for it, the collated option becomes available to use. If we are trying to print 2 copies of both labels, the collated version prints them in the order of 1,2,1,2. Alternatively, if the collated flag is set to false, it will print the labels in the order of "1,1,2,2".


setIsCollated allows the user to specify if the next print jobs will printed as collated or not collated.